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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Welcome to Kofi's hat

What have I gotten myself into? Wait. Meant to just think that part. Your humble blogger already co-runs unscripted.tv, and blogs her little heart out mostly about The Apprentice, which she has a love-hate relationship with, and Donald Trump, who she doesn't love at all. Eek, I've barely started this new blog and I'm already referring to myself in the third person. Anyway, my partner in unscripted crime and I have been pondering other blogging misadventures lately.

Tonight, I attended the Aqualung show at the Amoeba Music on Sunset Boulevard, often called the best record store in Southern California. Figured I would take notes, and try to write something about the show, see if I thought what I wrote was semi-decent before deciding whether to release it into the blogverse. Matt Hales played a solo show, without his brother around to keep him from mischief such as improvising a song about Amoeba:

Amoeba, Amoeba, Amoeba
It's a single-celled organism
That I have grown to love
Simple things, simple things, simple things
Amoeba, Amoeba, Amoeba
And me ... me

"See, if my brother was here, that never would have happened," Matt told us. He said he "would have done that first bit" and his brother would have given him a look and he would have stopped. A guy yelled that he was glad his brother wasn't there. Cheeky of Matt to make us all wish the same thing, because the song was terrific.

I was left too charmed and won over to think straight. And I was already an Aqualung fan, and had liked Matt's way with words in print. At Amoeba, he played an energetic set on a borrowed keyboard. He started the set with Strange and Beautiful, Aqualung's best-known song, and closed with Brighter Than Sunshine, the first single to be released in North America. According to Matt, it's "a grown-up love song." Along with the heartfelt songs in between, Matt entertained the crowd with a lot of jokes and witty banter, and asked for a request (Easier to Lie was the immediate choice). I scribbled away, trying to catch as much of his banter as possible, laughed or grinned every time he said, "Thank you, Record Shop," and at some point realized there was no way I could not write about him. It might have been when he sang Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now." I should note he was inspired to do so by that borrowed keyboard.

Waiting in line to get my Strange and Beautiful CD signed, I did the sad fangeek thing and tried to think of a clever question. At least I had a reason: it was to have some nugget of information for a blog post! Okay, still sad.

Questions That Occurred to Me:

1. What is your favourite word?
2. What is your favourite animal?
3. What is your favourite colour?
4. Why can't I think of a better question? (not a question I wanted to ask him, mind you)
5. What is your favourite adverb?
6. What is your least favourite adverb?
7. If you could name my music blog, what would you name it?

I asked the last question. But ... he had an answer (see the name of this blog). I spent so much time thinking about questions; I wasn't expecting an answer. Especially not one that meant I had to really start a music blog. I'm sure my baffled, deer-in-the-headlights impression and awkward babbling was not especially winsome. Sorry, Matt. Thank you for the name, and for being so nice. I love the name and I'm honoured to have it.

So there is the story of Kofi's hat. Kofi is the son of Matt Hales and his wife, Kim. He is 11 months old.


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