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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bono Is Lazy/RIAA: Still Bad/Split Enz Covers

A Hodgepodge tonight...

Via Slashdot, a couple of interesting stories:

One tips us off to the disturbing news that Bono called a tech support guy to hook up his Xbox. This weirdness and other encounters between techies and celebrities in need are detailed in a Wall Street Journal article, but the Bono story is perhaps the best example of a man who simply has too much money. He simply can't be that clueless and lazy, can he?

Also from Slashdot, a story that reads like an Onion piece: a woman "who has never bought, used, or even turned on a computer in her life" has been sued by the RIAA. Ridiculous, and yet should this kind of thing surprise us anymore? I think we should be concerned about Amish people and Luddites at this point. Babies too. Please won't someone think of the babies? But mostly the Amish and the Luddites? They probably don't read Slashdot or blogs.

On an entirely unrelated note: two more Split Enz covers because one wasn't enough... and both of these are quite good:

Ted Leo/The Pharmacists - Six Months In A Leaky Boat (from Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead)

Amiel - One Step Ahead (from She Will Have Her Way: The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn)


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