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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Rather than posting from Southern California, today I'm posting from Net Hell -- not quite Netless Hell, I am, after all, online and posting... but just barely, and I'm posting songs I uploaded a couple days ago. Hopefully all will be back to normal (or at least usual) tomorrow. Failing that, I'll try to at least hop online to complain and post the rest of the songs I uploaded the other day. If a day goes by without a post, though, don't panic. I'll be fine, just netless and possibly slightly bitter.

On another note, in keeping with the post topic, I caught the first episode of "Life On Mars" and liked it. Granted, it's not entirely original, but it's well-done so far.

Okay, on to a few songs:

Holiday - Fifteen Dollars (available on Holiday)

Electrelane - Bells (available on Axes)

Badly Drawn Boy - A Bottle Of Tears (B-side on the CD-1 "Disillusion" single)


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