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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Iron & Wine and Calexico to Release EP, Tour This Fall

Billboard reports that Iron & Wine and Calexico will release an EP, titled "In the Reins" September 20 and then tour together. They plan West Coast concerts for October; the East Coast will get its turn in December. They plan on having Iron & Wine and Calexico perform separately at each show, then close each concert with a final performance together.

Iron & Wine's Sam Beam tells Billboard that the EP was planned for a couple of years, but Calexico's "pretty intense" touring schedule delayed it. Sure, Sam, blame the other guys. He also says, "We ended up using some of my old songs that either didn't make it on my first two records or were out and about on the Internet. We tried to reinterpret them in new ways for people that may have heard them already." Good idea. People will feel less ripped off if they don't get something very similar to "some" of your previously released songs.

So, oooh, recycled songs! And what's with the phrase "ended up using," which makes it sound as though they had something else in mind but then were short of ideas? These are such talented guys! Everyone has creative dry spells, though... and of course there can be innumerable ways of using old material that make it fresh.

Joey Burns of Calexico tells Billboard that "Sam was very adamant for this project not to sound like his previous recordings." These could be some very inventive reinterpretations. Iron & Wine and Calexico don't lack for originality, including when they do covers, so I really shouldn't be cynical.

Other guests on the EP include Lampchop's Paul Neihaus and vocalist Salvador Duran, who sings the opening track,"He Lays in Reins." Burns calls it "a very spacey, moody number that floats on two chords." Burns hopes to have special guests, such as Richard Buckner and the Shins, on the tour as well.

MP3:Iron & Wine - Sleeping Diagonally (The Six Parts Seven cover)

MP3:Calexico - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover, from the Starbucks compilation, Sweetheart: Love Songs, which I actually did buy from them. Perhaps my later shout-out to the Starbucks Delocator on this blog was a form of penance. Hey, the CD has Calexico, The Old 97's, Sondre Lerche, and Dean Wareham. They weren't playing fair)


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