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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Starbucks Challenge 3.5

Starbucks sub-Challenge 3.5 is on. City Hippy and green LA girl began the first Starbucks challenge last October to find out how easy it is to get fair trade coffee in Starbucks. It should be easy given that Starbucks claims fair trade coffee will be brewed by coffee press upon request.

Too often, it's not easy. I did a handful of challenges last go-round, got fair trade coffee once and it was a hassle. Green LA girl even encountered a rude barista during her first challenge this time. Still, the challenges can be kinda fun. It's a good feeling trying to do good... there is value in holding corporations accountable for their policies.

"Cafe Estima" (currently Starbucks' only fair trade-certified blend) is Starbucks' Coffee of the Week this week). Their employees should know it's fair trade-certified, and offer you some if you ask for "fair trade coffee".

The Challenge
1) Visit your local Starbucks this week (Jan 2 to Jan 8 ) and ask: "Could I get a cup of fair trade coffee?" (Don't specify Cafe Estima!)
2) Tell us what happened next. Ideally, the barista should immediately offer you a cup of Cafe Estima, which should already be brewing.

See the Starbucks sub-Challenge 3.5 post for more info...

Copeland - Coffee (from Beneath Medicine Tree)

The Cautions - Coffee Shop Girl (from The Cautions EP, available from Not Lame Recording Company)

Supergrass - Coffee In The Pot (from Roed to Rouen)


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