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Monday, June 19, 2006

Split Enz Tour Ends Early

The Split Enz reunion tour has apparently ended in Perth, leaving the band's "Australia and New Zealand 2006" tour t-shirts inaccurate but more interesting. According to the band's management, there was no suitable venue in Auckland. Tim Finn had hoped to play in Los Angeles, New York, and London but that seems unlikely anytime soon. There was also talk of a studio album, but Neil Finn is moving to London, although his family will keep a house in Auckland. It seems that a studio album isn't likely anytime soon either.

However, a live DVD filmed during the tour is on the way.

The setlist for the first Brisbane show:

Shark Attack (from 1980's True Colours)
Poor Boy (from True Colours)
One Step Ahead (from 1981's Corroboree)
Give It A Whirl (from 1979's Frenzy)
Nobody Takes Me Seriously (from True Colours)
Jamboree (from 1977's Dizrhythmia)
Double Happy (from True Colours)
I Hope I Never (from True Colours)
Message To My Girl (from 1983's Conflicting Emotions)
Dirty Creature (from 1982's Time and Tide)
Years Go By (from 1984's See Ya Round, 1984)
Stuff And Nonsense (from Frenzy)
The Devil You Know (from Conflicting Emotions)
Matinee Idyl (129) from 1976's Second Thoughts)
Straight Old Line (from Conflicting Emotions)
Pioneer (from Time and Tide)
Six Months In A Leaky Boat (from Time and Tide)
I Got You (from True Colours)
What's The Matter With You (from True Colours)
I See Red (from Frenzy)
Take A Walk (from Time and Tide)
Charlie (from Dizrhythmia)
My Mistake (from Dizrhythmia)
Bold As Brass (from Dizrhythmia)
Time For A Change (from 1975's Mental Notes and 1976's Second Thoughts)
History Never Repeats (from Corroboree)


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