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Sunday, June 11, 2006

DJ Promo To Attempt World Record DJ Set

From June 12th, 9 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time, to June 15th, 1:00 PM AEST, in Melbourne, Australia's Federation Square, British-born DJ Promo (a.k.a. Matt Solo) will try to set a new world record for the longest continuous DJ session. His 100-hour goal would put him well ahead of Genix's current 84-hour record, set just last April. In the process, he'll raise funds for charity and be studied by sleep researchers. He's even doing it all drug-free! (unless you consider caffeine a drug. Or taurine. Or guarana).

Look, he's not a superhero. However, DJ Promo has undergone a transformation of sorts, aided by diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and training. He tells Aussie Electronic music site TranZfusion the world record attempt was the inspiration to change his life which he thought was "losing direction". While DJ Promo worked hard to see improvement, you can try visualizing the changes via a Rocky/Karate Kid-style montage.

The new, leaner, super-efficient DJ is still allowed a whopping ten seconds of silence between tracks, but he may not even need seven seconds' grace.

But wait, there's more. The entire time, at least one person must be dancing. Fortunately, it need not be the same person. In fact, the rules specify that no one is allowed to stay in the "dancing audience" for longer than four hours at one time.

To keep people dancing for just under four hours and motivate them to return later, DJ Promo will spin house music, hold the ambient and trance. He plans on "trying" to not repeat any tracks and estimates about 1500 4-minute songs during his 100-hour set.

Like Genix, DJ Promo is using his epic-length DJ session to raise funds for charity. Contributions will be collected for two organizations. The Big Issue, a magazine that "campaigns on behalf of homeless and socially excluded people", is also sold by people who are homeless, so it gives them a source of income. Melbourne's Challenge provides provides recreation and a support network to both children who have cancer or other life-threatening blood disorders, and to those close to them.

DJ Promo will also assist the University of South Australia's Centre for Sleep Research as a case study in the impact of sleep deprivation on performance. He's agreed to wear a monitoring device and answer questionnaires about how sleepy he is and "any symptoms he's experiencing".

In addition to helping sleep research, DJ Promo may be glad to have some busywork to keep him occupied during his set. Filling out a questionnaire about how tired he is may be just the thing!

Indeed, the Centre's Dr. Jill Dorian predicts mood changes, possible "micro-sleeps", and warns that DJ Promo is "certainly going to feel very sleepy." If she's going to bring that sort of a negative attitude to Federation Square, I hope she at least plans on dancing.

Idlewild - As If I Hadn't Slept (available on Warnings/Promises)

The La's - I Can't Sleep (available on The La's)

The Deathray Davies - Plan To Stay Awake (available on The Kick And The Snare)

Saint Etienne - Carnt Sleep (available on Foxbase Alpha)

Electric Six - Dance-A-Thon 2005 (available on Señor Smoke)


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