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Friday, October 27, 2006

Fan Bets She'll Marry Robbie Williams

"We have a lot in common, because like me he's around the same age and has no children." With that reasoning, a 33 year-old Robbie Williams fan bet £10 the two will marry. At 1,000/1 odds she stands to make £10,000 if the two do wed.

Frances Ingram, a store supervisor from Chester, England, also placed a £40 bet that Williams will ask her on a date. That one could make her £4,000.

Ingram says she has had two long "discussions" with the singer in his website chatroom, though she didn't mention whether the two discussed marriage plans.

A spokesperson for the casino that took Ingram's bet notes that "it is the sort of wager that could become self-fulfilling."

Civilians do sometimes win dates with famous folks by gaining their attention with wacky schemes. A chap named Zach Slow raised $10,000 to get a date with Lady Sovereign, the last $500 in exchange for an hour of brainstorming about "viral campaigns" for "a company in Santa Barbara".

The idea that celebrity does not equal inaccessibility is appealing, and why shouldn't creativity be rewarded? Still, just because a woman is "Emotionally Invested In Jennifer Aniston's Well-Being", she doesn't have the right to spend time with her. Even if she thinks of a clever and/or successful way to attract media attention.

It's manipulative to try to think of a creative way to force a celebrity - or anyone - to spend time with you. Ingram could well be thinking Williams will look like a cad if he doesn't ask her out. These encounters offer celebrities free publicity, and they milk the "dates" for all they're worth. It's difficult to find these stories cute when it boils down to each side manipulating the other, as well as the media and the public.

Robbie Williams - Making Plans For Nigel (from the "Old Before I Die" (CD1) single, You Send it link. Uploaded it to EZ Archive last night and didn't make a note of the link. I tried to figure out the new EZ Archive to afternoon, to no avail. Couldn't figure out the link, the site wasn't allowing MP3s to be downloaded, and then I was locked out of the site. When there are technical difficulties, I'll use YSI, and include a (YSI link) note.)


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