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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Paste Magazine CD: December 06/January 07

The cast of the forthcoming film For Your Consideration is on the cover of the December/January issue of Paste Magazine. A sampling of the mag's CD marks the end to the tyranny (and/or "peace and quiet", depending on your viewpoint) of No Music Day.

I'm leaving bright and early for my Thanksgiving trip. I will likely be able to post a few songs a day, but there's a chance I won't. So I'll say Happy Thanksgiving now. I hope everyone reading this will be able to spend the day with the people they wanted to spend it with - the most cherished people in their lives, and/or the people they rarely get to see and miss a lot. Wishing all of you a warm, happy, and safe Thanksgiving...

Track Listing For Paste Sampler CD No. 27:

1. The Born Again Floozies - I Used To Play The Euphonium
2. Bird & Bee - Again And Again
3. Switchfoot - Oh! Gravity
4. Ron Sexsmith - All In Good Time (such a feel-good song; available on Time Being)
5. Manchester Orchestra - Wolves At Night
6. Matt Mays & El Torpedo - Travellin'
7. Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars - Living Like A Refugee
8. Melissa Ferrick - Never Give Up
9. Matthew Ryan - And Never Look Back
10. eXIT cLOV - Violent Berries (good song, shame about the capitalization silliness with the group name; available on Respond Respond)
11. The Scourge Of The Sea - Waterwings (File under "sweeping and lovely"; available on Make Me Armored)
12. Paolo Nutini - New Shoes
13. Kevin Devine - Just Stay (I can picture a WB/The OC future for this song; available on Put Your Ghost To Rest)
14. The Comfies - Close To Me
15. Sojorn - Feel
16. Onethousand Pictures - Take My Everything
17. Joan Osborne - Who Divided
18. Yusuf (Formerly Cat Stevens) - Maybe There's A World
19. Hymns - It's A Shame
20. A Shoreline Dream - Saturday Morning (Radio Edit)


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