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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

CMJ New Music Monthly Mag and CD: Issue 136

Animal Collective graces the cover of the new CMJ New Music Monthly and inside, discuss love, lyrics, and trying to grow up. Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew discusses the band's forthcoming album, out next year. To Be You And Me, a limited-edition, 7-song EP, will be included with the first pressings of the album, currently titled Broken Social Scene. Drew had said the album would be called Windsurfing Nation before it was changed to the eponymous title, and tells CMJ what he'd really like to do is tell listeners, "Go get a pen. Go write your own fucking title down. It's called 'Choose Your Own Title.' We're giving the choice back to the people because it's getting taken away from them." Great idea, but why not leave all the songs untitled too, so listeners can title those for themselves as well? Also, there should be no cover art so fans can draw their own.

This issue also includes interviews with The Fiery Furnaces, Matthew Herbert, and Midaircondo, and a feature wherein Jens Lekman explains three of his songs.

CMJ New Music Monthly Issue 136 CD Track Listing:

1. Animal Collective - Grass
2. Bjork - Storm
3. Living Things - Born, Born, Born
4. Mugison - I Want You
5. Darci Cash - In the Corner
6. The Vacancies - Radio Revolution
7. Bob Dylan - Masters of War
8. The Talk - I Started Running
9. The Long Winters - Ultimatum
10. The Bad Plus - Anthem for the Earnest (this is nearly 7 minutes long. It's also awesome)
11. Alternative Champs - Mississikki
12. Girls in Hawaii - Short Song for a Short Mind
13. Drums & Tuba - Complicated Sorrow
14. Sabrosa Purr - Pink
15. Jascat - My Love
16. Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek
17. Dominic Frasca - Deviations (must say, this is another cool song)


Blogger Chris said...

For the record (and this is not the fault of the original poster: CMJ are not the most thorough editors):

The Living Things - Bom Bom Bom (as opposed to born)

Sabrosa Purr - The Lovely People (not Pink)

7:04 AM  

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