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Friday, December 02, 2005

Feeder to Release Greatest Hits Album

To like Feeder, you have to be willing to look past the occasional horrible lyric like "'Cause I don't wanna be your hero/But I don't wanna be a zero". That lyric was even deemed singleworthy, but "Turn" reached #27 on the U.K. singles chart so maybe they know what they're doing. They seem to have a a handle on the music part, and setting subpar lyrics to catchy music ("Buck Rogers") can make the words matter less. Purely because things come in threes, their lyrics are sometimes good...

After 10 years and 19 singles, the group has announced that they're working on bonus tracks for a greatest hits album, and that they then intend to record a studio album. They're currently on tour in England as well.

Feeder - Cement (from Polythene)

Feeder - Yesterday Went Too Soon (from Yesterday Went Too Soon)

Feeder - Day In Day Day Out (from Yesterday Went Too Soon)

Feeder - Forget About Tomorrow (from Comfort in Sound)

Feeder - Buck Rogers (from Echo Park)

Feeder - Seven Days in the Sun (from Echo Park)

Feeder - Tumble and Fall (from Pushing the Senses)

Feeder - Beautiful Boy (from Q Lennon Covered #1. Not one of the singles, but well worth posting again)


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