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Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Earlies: Wayward Song, Lows

The Earlies might get so tired of descriptions like electronic, psychedelic, lo-fi, and progressive that for their second album, they'll decide on a hip-hop/country/gregorian chant direction. Does the album title These Were the Earlies anticipate such a change? Probably not, but in the unlikely event of such a switch I'll look very clever.

The band is currently on their first North American tour in support of their album. It was released in their native UK last year, but only released in the US late last month. They played in Denton, Texas tonight, and are next playing a couple nights in Arizona before coming to California for a show in San Diego, one in Los Angeles, and one in San Francisco. While in L.A., they'll perform on Morning Becomes Eclectic, this Thursday, December 1 at 11:15 AM PST. Their tour schedule through Dec. 16 is available on their website.

The Earlies - Wayward Song (from These Were the Earlies)

The Earlies - Lows (from These Were the Earlies)


Blogger Jeremy said...

some of those bands are essential.

nice blog.

can i steal your template?



10:45 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Long-term, I think not many of them are essential... but that a lot are swell. And thanks... the template is from the good folks at Blogger, so it's really easy for me to "generously" say help yourself to it! :)

3:52 PM  

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