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Friday, November 25, 2005

Rare INXS B Sides

A couple more nifty tracks courtesy of ScottSpy, this time from INXS. Both are B sides from the 1983 single, "To Look At You". In its own way, each sounds quite a bit different than the INXS we're used to. "The Sax Thing" is a jazzy tune (the title was a hint there); "You Never Used To Cry", a fun, straight-out doo-wop song with marching-band drums.

INXS - The Sax Thing (a "To Look at You" B side from 1983)

INXS - You Never Used To Cry (another "To Look at You" B side)


Blogger Trey said...

Many thanks for the post. Much better quality than the ones I have.

Here's a topical one.


10:10 AM  

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