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Saturday, December 17, 2005

New Order to Record Music for Ian Curtis Film, Will Not Become Joy Division

New Order will record songs for a film about Ian Curtis, the late singer of the group. Curtis killed himself 25 years ago. His wife is pleased with the script proposal, bassist Peter Hook thinks the group doing the soundtrack is a "f**king great idea". Fine (though I don't understand why he's speaking in asterisks; it's confusing).

However, I'm not down with a headline like "Joy Division to Record New Songs", which made me wonder whether Mark Burnett had found his new band for the second season of "Rock Star". Worse still is a headline like "Joy Division Reunited" which makes it seem as though Curtis' suicide might have been a hoax. Perhaps Curtis was hanging out with Elvis for 25 years, and eventually got bored. Hook too is referring to "Joy Division" doing the soundtrack, but that doesn't mean the press should blindly refer to the project that way. If the band with this same group of people in it is New Order, why would they suddenly become another band when they sing cover songs by that band? The group might record new songs for the soundtrack. Would that be as New Order or Joy Division?

Some New Order 'covers'... and one song by the real Joy Division.

Joy Division - Ice Age (from Still)

Moby - Temptation (from Hotel, sung by Laura Dawn)

The Weakerthans - Wellington's Wednesdays (from Fallow. Uses a few lines from Temptation, ones Moby chose to cut from his version. I like Moby's cover, but I love the Weakerthans song. It's a favourite of mine)

DJ Matthew Grim - Round & Round (remix from A Tribute to New Order)


Blogger Siel said...

Wow -- Thanks for letting me know 'bout this! Yeah -- The headlines are silly. Looking forward to the film and the songs though --

12:27 AM  
Blogger b-dreamer said...

thank you for these songs!

4:03 AM  
Blogger Mycardo said...

Thanks for the covers. Yeah, hard to understand how New Order suddenly turn into Joy Division, but I guess that's headline writers for you...

4:42 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

You're welcome, you guys! Hard to tell about the film... does Ian Curtis' widow care more about an accurate film or one that makes him/them look good? Her opinions of people might colour the version of the script she thought of as accurate. Will we see her version of his life story? It's weird.

The kids from both of Johnny Cash's marriages agree that his first wife was portrayed inaccurately in "Walk the Line"... "dramatic license", bah! Most people now probably don't know that; who will know that when they see the movie in 20 years? It's pretty unfair.

12:12 AM  

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