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Friday, January 20, 2006

Sloan Previews Next Album

Blogger is taking what some might say is a well-deserved nap (cue eye-roll from green LA girl). Therefore I'm emailing this abbreviated post to Blogger, and it's awkwardly-formatted...

updated - formatting fixed. Blogger is back up. I am speaking to Blogger but there is a certain awkwardness between us.

Patrick Pentland, Sloan's singer/guitarist, tells Chart Attack "We're basically going to make, not a crazy record, but I know that all my songs are going to be a bit psychedelic. 'All Used Up' was the closest thing we have to a punk song, and I sort of said I wasn't going to write any more rock songs for a while." Pentland compares the recording process to that of Between the Bridges: "We were so tight for time that nobody, except Andrew on drums, played on my songs except me. Everyone had to work separately. At some point we'll start playing on each other's songs, but we're rushing it a little bit."

Pentland also describes opening for The Rolling Stones earlier this month and other assorted matters Sloan in the article. Sloan's playing several shows in Spain this month, as well as a concert in Camden, England on the 31st.

Sloan - Losing California (from Between The Bridges and A Sides Win: Singles 1992-1995)

Sloan - All Used Up (from A Sides Win: Singles 1992-1995)


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Tee hee!

Glad blogger's back up, for your writing and my reading (and listening!) pleasure :)

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