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Friday, January 06, 2006

Starbucks Challenge Success

I had rather confusing experiences at a couple Starbucks yesterday afternoon. I visited the cafes in search of fair trade coffee, as part of Starbucks sub-Challenge 3.5. At both Starbucks, I was given Cafe Estima coffee at the regular price quickly, by polite baristas who did not react as though I requested half rocket fuel, half ginger ale, one-third Zima.

At the first Starbucks, I asked for "a cup of fair trade coffee." The barista poured a cup of coffee, gave it to me, and charged me $1.50. I thanked her but couldn't help but feel a bit confused. Fair trade coffee, served immediately in a Starbucks? As I paid, I asked, "And this is fair trade right?" She replied, "Yes, it's fair trade, but it's called..." She paused and looked by the coffee pot for a moment. "Cafe Estima." I said, "Awesome, thanks."

Surprised but pleased, I snapped a photo of my prize in the most logical setting I could think of: atop a freebie newspaper dispenser on the street outside Starbucks.

I headed for the next Starbucks, the heady scent of victory and coffee thick in the air.

At Starbucks #2 the barista's face flashed with a momentary "a-ha" reaction when I ordered a "tall fair trade coffee". She might have thought: "I know what to do. They said this would happen!" Or possibly: "One of those damn bloggers, ugh. Regular coffee, and we tell them its Cafe Estima. Heh heh heh." Or maybe "Did I leave the iron on?" No way to know, really. I could have asked, but she might have lied and I surely would not want to appear paranoid.

The barista promptly poured coffee I really do believe was Cafe Estima and charged me the regular price.

Starbucks #1: 18668 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana

Starbucks #2: 19522 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana

James - Coffee & Toast (from The Collection)

Kate Bush - Coffee Homeground (from Lionheart)


Blogger Siel said...

The LA suburbs seem to be doing better than LA proper. Hmmm...

6:38 PM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Well, that hardly seems... "fair" (sorry, but that is weird...)

6:43 PM  

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