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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Grandaddy Songs: Skateboarding Saves Me Twice, This Is How It Always Starts

Just because Grandaddy broke up does not necessarily mean that Just Like the Fambly Cat will be their last album. The Who have gone on tour about five dozen times and released approximately 58 albums since their split.

Still... it couldn't hurt to "motivate" the guys a bit toward an early reunion by buying an extra copy of the album when it comes out on May 9 (May 8 in the UK). Finances were one of the reasons behind the split, according to the group... And it would make a pretty swell Mother's Day gift if you think your mom is hip. If she looks disappointed at the present, naturally you might feel confused and sad at the discovery that your mom is not as hip as you had thought. Don't be embarrassed to reveal your feelings: let your lower lip tremble a bit, blink those tears back if you must.

Uh, you should probably also get her some other present, though, if she might not dig Grandaddy. C'mon, she gave birth to you. And if she's like my mom she threw up a lot while she was pregnant with you too.

Oh, don't eat while reading that last sentence.

Grandaddy - Skateboarding Saves Me Twice

Grandaddy - This Is How It Always Starts


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