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Monday, July 31, 2006

The Pipettes Have Opinions

With Mogwai acting almost meek and mild lately, it leaves a void in the trash-talking-bands department.

Enter The Pipettes, brash , bold, and ready to criticize loads of people and bands! They're not fond of the Kooks, Razorlight, Pete Doherty, or Dirty Pretty Things, for starters. Dirty Pretty Things were branded "the worst band in the world" by the Pipettes' RiotBecki during a radio interview, while the Kooks were criticized for treating a concert in the Pipettes' hometown of Brighton as if it was the Kooks' hometown too.

They feel Arctic Monkeys and Hard-Fi's lyrics are "quite chauvinistic." Also, they find Arctic Monkeys "completely over-stylized." They're not taken by Kate Moss or Peaches, either, but they do "respect Debbie Harry."

As for the Beatles... the group's RiotBecki says, "Pop music was so vast until they appeared, then all music seemed to need boys with guitars!"

The Pipettes - Dirty Mind (available on We Are The Pipettes)

The Kooks - Seaside (available on Inside In/Inside Out)


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