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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Vanuatu Called Happiest Place On The Planet

The New Economics Foundation, via the catchier-sounding, Happy Planet Index has ranked the comparative happiness of 178 of the world's countries based on their "ecological footprint, life-satisfaction, and life expectancy".

The citizens of island nation Vanuatu, already the happiest place on earth, out of the nations ranked by the Happy Planet Index, may be a little happier now that they have bragging rights over the other countries on the list. Vanuatu fares less well on another list; they're 207th out of 233 economies measured by Gross Domestic Product.

Yet countries with larger economies were not found to be among the happiest. The United States is the 150th happiest; the U.K. the 108th. Japan came in 95th. Colombia and Costa Rica were 2nd and 3rd. Zimbabwe came in last.

Citing the poor link between GDP and a nation's welfare, the Happy Planet people suggest that countries not encourage people to buy more shiny new things. Rather, they advocate other steps such as improving healthcare, encouraging cultural activities, and empowering people to participate in their government.

The Style Council - Headstart For Happiness (available on The Collection)


Blogger colombia curiosa said...

It's not a surprise that Colombia is on the second place. Bad propaganda about our country has created the wrong image. Check why we are so happy:

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