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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving - Yet More Christmas Tunes

Happy Thanksgiving!

This trip has already been quite an adventure for me. I've learned a lot about America... and about myself.

One question remains. If you're out for Chinese food, and your dining companion doesn't want a fortune cookie, do both your fortunes apply to you, or just one? Actually in this case, it's "all" your fortunes, because we got three cookies. I saved two until later, and I don't know which might be "mine". One? Two? All? The only one that seems to require action on my part is "Pleasures await you at the seashore". Because I am not, strictly speaking", at the seashore. But if pleasures await me there, why, I shouldn't keep them waiting! It's rude. Also, hey, pleasures! Cool.

I totally gotta book. Songs:

Everything But The Girl - 25th December (available on Amplified Heart)

Ryan Adams - Hey Parker, It's Christmas (from KROQ's The Year They Recalled Santa Claus (As Told By Kevin & Bean). The 2003 CD from Los Angeles' KROQ morning show. I picked up a copy of the new one yesterday but have only listened to a bit so far, and didn't bring it on the trip)

Mew - Snowflake (available on A Triumph for Man. A winter song more than a Christmas song, as was the other Mew song I posted recently. Some people like a few winter/snow songs mixed in with Christmas songs; some don't. There is no right or wrong answer. Let's not fight about it. It's Thanksgiving.)


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