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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Céline Dion Leaving The Building

Hold the virtual presses!

In a move likely to cause many fans sadness, if not dramatic chest-clutching, Canadian/Las Vegas entertainer Céline Dion has opted to end her Vegas extravaganza, A New Day this December 15.

Since March 2003, the show has run at Caesar's Palace, where Dion first signed a 3-year contract for $100 million. While that deal was extended, apparently the singer really wants to leave the $100 million custom-built auditorium.

This report ran in U.S.A. Today ("America's newspaper") but is from the Associated Press (America's news agency), and included quotes from Dion. So there's little hope the kids at U.S.A. Today just made it up when they got tired of making up the statistics that go into those cute little charts and graphs.

Tickets for the shows from August through December 15 go on sale March 1, so rush to mark your calendar(s) and to at least two online reminder services to ensure you don't miss your chance to snap up as many tickets as you want.

Whether or not you can make it to A New Day, there's still A New Day's T.V. special and DVD (both to be taped in late January) to look forward to, so don't worry.

If there are any wiseacres thinking the title A New Day became a misnomer after a couple years, think again! The title was adapted from her song (and album) title, "A New Day Has Come", which means it still makes a kind of sense, year after year, no matter how odd it appears on the surface. Plus, the show will get "new costumes and new numbers" this year, so it will arguably become a new show... really like A New Day.

Here's hoping she changes the cover songs and that the audience will be treated to her rendition of "You Shook Me All Night Long":


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