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Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Year's Playlist

An early New Year's playlist....

Cousteau - Last Good Day of the Year (available on Cousteau)

The Knife - New Year's Eve (available on the Hannah med H soundtrack)

Thievery Corporation - Resolution (available on Richest Man in Babylon)

Sarah Harmer - Tether (available on All Of Our Names)

Suede - Everything Will Flow (available on Singles)

Suzanne Vega - Predictions (available on Days of Open Hand)

Mull Historical Society - Live Like The Automatics (available on Us)

Cursive - Break In The New Year (available on The Storms Of Early Summer)

Camera Obscura - Happy New Year (available on Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi)

The Mull Historical Society song ("Fighting the world alone, battling mobile phones") was inspired by a recent whirlwind of disturbing news, such as the prospect of food from cloned animals soon reaching people, and the idea to radio-tag people's clothes to send them ads. Does one surrender to such things, and live like the automatics or fight society?

The mix also needed another upbeat song, and it's fun to boot...


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