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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Numbers With Wings Playlist

There's been a lot of talk about what a miserable cold and flu season this is, but where's the talk about what a miserable bronchitis season it is? I'm one of the many people who got the flu despite getting a flu shot, and now I have a raging case of acute bronchitis following what seemed to be a mild cold. I demand action... of some sort.

Specifically, as this unjust illness impacts the hat, I'm not well enough to polish off this post as nicely as I'd like, which bugs me (hmm, bugs me. Hilarious. Sigh.) I want to finish this post though; so I'm leaving a bunch of songs undescribed. What is this post, anyway? A playlist devoted to numbers, with one song each for the numbers 1 through 10. I've whimsically titled it Numbers With Wings even though that song is absent from the list. A spin-off post is on the way; it's devoted to zeroes and ones. I love themed playlists; when I'm well enough (if I'm well enough? sigh.) I intend to post more of these.

Another apology, I'm afraid - the file-hosting service I usually use for nice, convenient direct-linking, is down. So, hopefully temporarily, files aren't direct-linked. I'm not in any shape for researching this stuff now. Pictures of baby polar bears are about my speed at the moment (and Project Runway. Oh, I hope Rami is eliminated next.) The songs are uploaded though; in a couple places. You can also listen to and/or download tracks at www.drop.io/numbers; the password is Kofi's.

Numbers With Wings:

1. Eltro - On One (on Past and Present Futurists) Breezy electronica.

2. Controlling the Famous - Two Sides (on Automatic City) At first, "Two Sides"' back-and-forth guitar rhythm and swaying vocal delivery of redundant lyrics teeters on the edge between annoying and catchy. It reminds me of someone standing close to you and making a silly face, refusing to move until you laugh. However, they change it up pretty early on, adding to the early bare-bones lyrics. There's also some strong, beautiful guitar work. The chorus still bothers me a bit; I find the delivery somewhat grating. Fortunately, it disappears for a big chunk of the song... Ultimately, I think it's a quality song and works well here. I suspect it's a song I'll have to be in the right mood to appreciate (I guess the same goes for someone who makes a goofy face and gets all up in my face, as the kids say.)

3. AM-FM - Gone in Three (on the The Sky Is The New Ground EP) Power-pop breezy and pretty enough to be forgiven for a line like "Your mother was right and you were wrong" (Not bloody likely!)

4. Bright Eyes - Four Winds (on Cassadaga and the Four Winds EP)

5. Inspiral Carpets - Saturn 5 (on Devil Hopping)

6. Lupen Crook - Lucky 6 (on Iscariot The Ladder and the Petals Fresh From Roadkill EP)

7. Nikki Sudden - Seven Miles (on The Truth Doesn't Matter)

8. Alanis Morissette - Eight Easy Steps (on So-Called Chaos and was a single) Intense confessional lyrics ("How to keep people at arm's length and never get too close/How to mistrust the ones you supposedly love the most") are lightened by jaunty music.

9. Alison Krauss - 9 To 5 (on Just Because I'm A Woman)

10. XTC - Ten Feet Tall (on Drums And Wires) Good song, sadly I have no language in my lungs to describe it well. That is an XTC joke.


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