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Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Canada Day

I can't share fireworks or hockey as easily and I prefer music anyway, so here are some songs in honour of the day.

MP3: Big Sugar - O Canada

MP3: Arrogant Worms - Canada's Really Big (live)

MP3: Rush - Lakeside Park

MP3: Les Trois Accords - Saskatchewan

Lyrics Translation, courtesy of Babel Fish:

A beautiful morning I left to far Aller carrying out my herd in Ontario I left my wife in Saskatchewan there I said to him soon you will see a hat that will be mine I will be at the end of the road You will say my husband Who arrives of the meadow There but on my return My beautiful love had crowned Me For a guy of Regina I took my hat Pis my lasso And I noye my sorrow In the bars of the plain Saskatchewan, You took to me my wife With my grating there For a guy of Regina Saskatchewan, you took my wife to me since left moe cht' a finished guy Saskatchewan, you took my wife to me my ch' valley speaks to me been able my cows say to me you Saskatchewan you my taken my wife my to take my lasso my to grate you worse ds leau Saskatchewan you my taken my wife

MP3: Gordon Lightfoot - Canadian Railroad Trilogy

How Canadian Are You? Quizzes:


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A Canadian living in the U.S.

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