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Friday, July 08, 2005

Songs in the Key of America

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I didn't mean to let Independence Day slide without posting some tunes...

mp3:Violent Femmes - American Music

Barcelona - West Coast Radio

mp3:Ramones - California Sun

mp3:Her Space Holiday - From South Carolina

mp3:Sufjan Stevens - Say Yes! to Michigan!

mp3:Sufjan Stevens - Come on! Feel the Illinoise!

mp3:The New Amsterdams - Idaho

mp3:B-52s - Private Idaho

mp3:They Might Be Giants - New York City

John Linnell's "Montana" is available as a free download at Amazon. I have his State Songs CD, but can't find it. Grrr.

mp3:James Brown - Living in America

Linkage That, Unlike Those Songs, Is Actually Directly Related to Independence Day: The Declaration of Independence -- this is not a geeky link, dammit. Okay, maybe it is, but it's still nifty. There's a scan of the Declaration, an image of the rough draft, and of an engraving, and plenty of info about the signing, the signers, and the Declaration House. This is one of the sections at ushistory.org.


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