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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Death Cab for Cutie: Soul Meets Body Video

OK, you two pretend something interesting is flying by, you look like a naughty schoolboy, and you... aren't having any of this, are you? OK, fine. Brooding works for me!

If there isn't a link here that works for you to watch the "Soul Meets Body" video... that would be annoying for you, but only if you would have wanted to watch the video. If you don't, I kind of wonder why you're even reading this post, not that I want to discourage that activity. Reading is good, and reading this blog in particular is an excellent idea; you're to be commended for it. I wouldn't expect any sort of formal commendation, but often people aren't ever given their full due for great achievements. If they are, sometimes it's only after they die. And, c'mon you're just reading some blog, although, yes, it is a pretty cool one, true. Alright, I commend you. Sheesh.

Where was I? Ah yes, Having received an e-mail about the the new Death Cab video (and the many links at which one may view it), I watched it and decided to go ahead and post the linkage. I questioned whether some feelings of Ben-loyalty may have influenced the decision, but I don't think so (though I was slightly weirded out when, after writing that post, a few Bens appeared in the book I was reading, whereas most of the book had been Ben-free). Anyway, I like Death Cab, love the song, and the video is interesting... pretty good. I think it fits the song.

Soul Meets Body - RealPlayer

Soul Meets Body - Windows 56 K

Soul Meets Body - Windows 100 K

Soul Meets Body - Windows 300 K

Soul Meets Body - Windows 450 K

Soul Meets Body - Quicktime 56K

Soul Meets Body - Quicktime 100K

Soul Meets Body - Quicktime 300K

Soul Meets Body - Quicktime 450K


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