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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sounds Familyre T-shirts and Art for Hurricane Relief

Sounds Familyre Music has announced a couple of special efforts to raise funds for hurricane relief.

First, Sounds Familyre web designer, Paul Goode has put some of his artwork up for auction to benefit the Salvation Army's Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. You can view and bid on his artwork at his website PaulGoode.com. Bids start at $5.00.

Also, all profits from the first run of Sounds Familyre and Danielson T-shirts available at the Soundsfamilyre Store will be donated to the Salvation Army because, as Sounds Familyre says, "they are currently providing services to storm victims and first responders in the Gulf Coast states"

The Sounds Familyre and Danielson T-shirts are the top three ones on the site, and they're made by Gildan and Bella.

Sounds Familyre tee
The Sounds Familyre Girl's Tee Shirt - "Pink" (you probably would have figured that part out) made by Bella. There's also a Gildan version, which comes in both pink and pale green.

Danielson tee
The Danielson shirt (made by Gildan)

If you notice an extremely charming woman in the Southern California area wearing one of these shirts, she is probably not me (though I am extremely charming). She is especially unlikely to be me if you disagree with anything I've ever said here and/or are Chris Martin or John Mayer or someone caught up in that wacky payola scandal or are the person who took that one photo of Neil Diamond.

These shirts are darned cheap at $15, shipping included in the U.S., $3 in Canada, $5 internationally. If you get one or more of the Sounds Familyre shirts, you can wear Sufjan Stevens' name and be Cool and Trendy (Sufjan Stevens is cool, whether or not he's trendy). If you get one or more of the Danielson shirts, you'll get to be all blinged-out (or something like that) without anyone trying to steal your bling (probably).

Plus, there's what the money goes for, but you already know about that part.

mp3:Sufjan Stevens - Holland (from Greetings From Michigan, The Great Lakes State)


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