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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mogwai's Latest Targets: Damon Albarn, Test Icicles

Mogwai's Barry Burns is at it again, and this time bandmate Stuart Braithwaite has joined in the band-bashing fun.

Burns' focus this time is on a regular target of his ire: Damon Albarn. Mogwai's US/Canada/South/America online store sells a "blur: are shite" t-shirt, alluded to in Burns' latest missive. Mogwai started selling the shirt in 1999, and Albarn apparently has bought at least one of them.

Braithwaite's target is Test Icicles' break-up after a short career, and his message is short and... well, not sweet exactly, but pretty funny. These guys are like the online Andy Rooneys of alt-music, only funny.

I can change the world with African Music. I can turn the colour blue into sound. I can have a band with crazy animated characters. I can kick box. I can turn George Bush into a nice man with mere words. I can actually fly. I can have another previous band with such differing styles for each and every album. I am a pearly queen when I want to be. I can write a gut wrenchingly beautiful broken heart ballad. I laugh in the face of ad hominem attack t shirts. I will try to get into theatre and musicals and I will probably succeed! I am London. I am Mali. I am Music itself. I am Damon. I am All Bran. I will prevail. You will suffer at my musical might and other numerous talents. I am Damon. I am Damon Suzuki. I am good at everything.
ps Just in......Test Icicles have split up because of "The constant pressures of touring"! That is so ridiculous it doesn't even merit a snide sarcastic comment. Jesus, they've only been going for about 3 bloody weeks!! (Stuart)

Blur - Charmless Man (from The Best Of Blur, etc.)


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