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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Paste Readers/Writers & Musicians Top 25 Songwriters/Paste CD

Bob Dylan is on the cover of the June/July issue of Paste magazine.

He didn't land the cover for his soulful eyes, no siree, er, Bob. He's been named the best living songwriter by... well, a mysterious group of 50 at least suggested him. Paste writes: "Though a collection of 50 writers and musicians helped compile the list, they were encouraged to vote for the songwriters they treasured the most, not the ones with the highest sales, the ones with the biggest impact on culture or even the greatest impact on other songwriters." Did Paste merely tabulate the results, or did they rearrange the list to their liking? The word "helped" suggests the latter. In the opening Editiorial, the Editor says he "gathered the voters and cast a ballot myself", making them a collection of mostly unknown people, which is slightly less mysterious and intriguing.

In a separate poll, Pastemagazine.com users also named Dylan their fave. There's a fair amount of similarity between the polls; some of the differences are interesting.

The Peoples'/(the Semi-Mysterious Collection of Writers and Musicians') Top 25 contrasted:

1. Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan)
2. Neil Young (Neil Young)
3. Paul McCartney (Bruce Springsteen)
4. Bruce Springsteen (Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan)
5. Paul Simon (Paul McCartney)
6. Elvis Costello (Leonard Cohen)
7. Joni Mitchell (Brian Wilson)
8. U2 (Elvis Costello)
9. Tom Waits (Joni Mitchell)
10. Van Morrisson (Prince)
11. Jeff Tweedy (Randy Newman)
12. R.E.M. (The Rolling Stones)
13. Brian Wilson (Paul Simon)
14. Mick Jagger (Stevie Wonder)
15. David Bowie (Willie Nelson)
16. Willie Nelson (David Bowie)
17. John Prine (Holland-Dozier-Holland ... they wrote songs such as The Supremes "Where Did Our Love Go" and "Come See About Me")
18. James Taylor (U2)
19. Ryan Adams (Patty Griffin)
20. Carole King (Van Morrison)
21. Elton John/Bernie Taupin (Lou Reed)
22. Leonard Cohen (Lucinda Williams)
23. Lucinda Williams (Elton John & Bernie Taupin)
24. Tom Petty (Jeff Tweedy)
25. Steve Earle (Chuck Berry)

Paste Sampler CD Track Listing:

1. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - She May Call You Up Tonight
2. Golden Smog - Corvette
3. Sean Watkins - Summer's Coming
4. Elf Power - King Of Earth
6. Janove Ottesen - Black and White Movie (from Francis' Lonely Nights)
7. Josh Ritter - Wolves
8. Lynn Miles - Love Sweet Love (from Love Sweet Love)
9. Tim O'Reagan - That's The Game
10. Mason Jennings - Be Here Now
11. Donavon Frankenreiter - Move By Yourself
12. Alejandro Escovedo - Arizona (Edit)
13. David Mead - Fighting For Your Life (from Tangerine)
14. Lylas - Darling Do You? (from Lessons For Lovers)
15. Jolie Holland - Springtime Can Kill You
16. World Party - What Does It Mean Now? (Edit)
17. Katharine Whalen - You Who
18. The Eighteenth Day Of May - Sir Casey Jones
19. The Bittersweets - Long Day
20. Dave Barnes - Everybody But You
21. Edwin McCain - Welcome To Struggleville
22. Allison Moorer - Fairweather (from Getting Somewhere)
23. Edgar Meyer - Roundabout (Edit)


Blogger Cam said...

it dissapointed me a little when i found out that only about 15 female songwriters made the "official" list

2:14 PM  

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