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Monday, May 22, 2006

"Jack White, buddies form the Raconteurs"?

It's good to see that there's been a lot of exciting news in the music world while I've been "gone" (so to speak). I think ""Jack White, buddies form the Raconteurs" is probably the biggest story. Sure, Prince (along with Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars) were voted the world's sexiest vegetarians. Some bands have dropped people, some are going on tour, but friendship? Buddies? That's the biggest and most special news of all.

White, remember, doesn't like the term "side project" because "side project usually means some flippant thing - you're not even paying too much attention to it."

But let's let his pal Patrick Keeler describe the recording process. "There was no concept, no ideas, no rules, no script, nothing - we just went in blind," says Keeler. A few days later, and the whole thing was over.

Maybe musicians who work for years on a single album just need different friends!

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The 6ths - San Diego Zoo (from Wasps' Nests)


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