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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Top 10 Favorite Words You Can Write On A Calculator

Casio's production of its one billionth electronic calculator has prompted the company to create a wacky (and publicity-creating) top 10 list of favorite words you can write on a calculator and read upside down.

Casio's Top 10 Favorite Calculator Words:

1. Boobies (5318008)
2. Bellies (5317738)
3. Boobless (55378008)
4. Bogies (531608)
5. Sizzles (5372215)
6. Gobbles (5378806)
7. Google (376006)
8. Boogie (316008)
9. Shell Oil (71077345)
10. Esso (0553)

Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator (available on Computer World)


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