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Monday, March 12, 2007

$49,000 Bed-Inspired Sleep Songs

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Inspired by the announcement that a bed is now on sale for $49,000 -- the price rationalized by the manufacturer dubbing the creation "the most exclusive bed in the world" -- I hereby announce that my bed is not for sale at any price. Therefore it's now the new most exclusive bed in the world.

Unlike the Vividus, my bed does not include a mattress stuffed with horsehair, cotton, and wool (and ew at the horsehair). Hästens Beds, the manufacturer, considers the natural materials a selling point. "We are a part of nature. What could be more natural than sleeping that way?" Wouldn't sleeping outside, without a bed, be more natural? People go camping to get back to nature. They don't buy elaborately constructed, $49,000 beds.

But wait, there's more! Each bed is "signed with the name of the owner" and with that of the "master craftsman" who made it. I don't know who crafted my bed and I'm not a fan of forgery so if I was ever somehow persuaded to part with it, and the new owner wanted graffiti on it, I'd write something more interesting. Perhaps a line or two from an appropriate song. Music is so often appropriate....

$49,000 Bed-Inspired Sleep Songs:

Paul Brill - And So To Sleep (on Harpooner) Poignant, lovely song, awash in piano.

Hammock - Blankets of Night (on Kenotic) Beautiful shoegaze.

Alexi Murdoch - Dream About Flying (on Time Without Consequence) Eloquent rock-pop-folk (if I can add another: bluegrass).

Bernard Fanning - Sleeping Rough (on Tea & Sympathy) Catchy, fun alt-pop with some country flavor (but not necessarily enough to make it alt-country...)

Mogwai - Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep (on Happy Songs For Happy People) Sounds like a cross between "Mogwai" and "lullaby". Imagine a dreamworld that's not your ideal but it's still somehow serene and oddly compelling.

Mark Lanegan - Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (on The Winding Sheet) Dude's "I-just-bought-you-a-non-returnable-$49,000-bed angry."


Blogger Pete2ndBest said...

My favourite sleep-related song is the awesome Feathers & Down (of which Hästens has also probably made a bed out of ;-)) by the glorious Cardigans (who are, in fact, Swedish like Hästens).

11:54 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

I love The Cardigans, and that is a really good song (you also inspired me to post a morning song by them :) ). You're right, Hästens probably has made a bed from feathers and down, but they probably added something more exotic in there too, like peacock or ostrich feathers. ;)

9:53 PM  

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