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Friday, February 22, 2008

Saved by Zeroes and Ones

Saved by Zeroes and Ones is a playlist consisting of songs that include at least one of those numbers in both their title and lyrics. This rules out instrumentals, as well as songs that use "zero" and "one" as title fodder (because numbers are groovy) but foresake them as inspiration for lyrics (because they think they aren't that groovy?) There are still a whole lot of number songs. Certain numbers seem to inspire more songs than others; zero ("My Hero Zero", "Two Divided By Zero") and one ("The One I Love", "One Love") boast a particularly impressive list.

Although it's called Saved by Zeroes and Ones, this playlist doesn't contain the song "Saved by Zero". Numbers With Wings didn't include its namesake song either. This weird naming compulsion brought to you by my bronchitis-adled lungs and the numbers 0 and 1. As mentioned in the previous post, the file-hosting service I usually rely on for delightfully direct-linkable MP3s is down. Sorry about that. For the time being, you can't right-click to save files. The files have been uploaded, though. You can also listen to these tracks/download them at drop.io/savedbyzeroes. The password is hat. And, lastly, before the tracks, that, is, here's an allegedly-accurate text-to-binary translator. 011011110110111101101000001000000110110001100001001000000110110001100001 (Wow, that's a hell of a lot of numbers for a pretty short message.)

Saved by Zeroes and Ones:

1. Zero Zero - True Zero (on AM Gold) This is a fun New Wave song, propelled by bouncing synth and pouty, taunting vocals that bring to mind 80s movies written by John Hughes. Think Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club sort of romantic melodrama leading to a highly questionable ending. What? Oh, Andie so should have ended up with Duckie.

2. Reverbaphon - Nothing Beyond The Zero (on The Wire Tapper)

3. The Subways - 1am (Transgressive Single Version) (from the From the December 2nd issue of NME)

4. Michelle Shocked - One Piece At A Time (on Mojo: Cash Covered)

5. The Sugarcubes - A Day Called Zero (on Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!)

6. Tracy Bonham - The One (on The Burdens of Being Upright)

7. Patty Griffin - One Big Love (on Flaming Red)

8. Bobb Trimble - One Mile From Heaven (Short Version).mp3 (on Iron Curtain Innocence)

9. Lori - One Zero Zero (on the Heard Ohio Was Nice EP)

10. The Evan Anthem - Zeroes And Threes (on Sens)
Yes, the three seems random, but I like the song and it seems to work here... the fact that three is my favorite number is merely a coincidence.


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