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Sunday, August 21, 2005

NME: Oasis Presents CD

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The current issue of NME includes a CD featuring a live Oasis song, along with tracks by Noel Gallagher's favourite Oasis support bands of 2005. Yeah, just Noel... The CD is called NME: Oasis Presents, but there's a short interview with Noel inside, along with the shocking (?) revelation that Noel has chosen the tracks himself. He also comments on each song/band. It's a pretty cool compilation, and well worth the import price (I paid $5.50; NME is quite a bit cheaper than a Q or Uncut, for example).

NME: Oasis Presents Track Listing:

1. The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Confrontation Camp (Noel: "They're the past, present and future of rock 'n' roll")
2. mp3:The Subways - Oh Yeah (live) (hmm. Don't think I like this. Noel likes them because they have "a bird in a miniskirt playing the bass.")
3. The Zutons - Dirty Dancehall (Noel praises them for playing one of the best sets he's ever seen, stepping in for Babyshambles)
4. Jet - Get What You Need (Noel says he doesn't usually "condone this kind of music" but the band has become Oasis' "new best friends" on the road)
5. mp3:The Stands - Turn the World Around (I like this, and it does sound rather Oasisesque. Noel calls the group "Liverpool's best kept secret")
6. mp3:The Coral - She Sings the Mourning (thought I had shared enough from this CD, wasn't going to include this one. I do like The Coral, but I wasn't sure about this track. Then I read Noel this from Noel: "To me, they're without doubt the best band in England, full stop. Their new record has six absolute fucking genius songs on it, including this." Alright then... it's Oasis' CD...)
7. mp3:The Bees - These Are the Ghosts (Undead Version) (This reminds me a lot of another song, though I can't remember what that other song is. I could do without the "woooo!" a couple minutes in, but otherwise this is pretty good. The lyrics are a tad redundant. Noel calls The Bees "good lads" and their album "Free the Bees" the best album out of Abbey Road since "Abbey Road".)
8. Futureheads - Banquo (he thinks they're the weirdest band in Britain, and has no idea "what their music is about or what it means" but he likes it)
9. 22-205 - Devil in Me (from Liam's favourite album of last year)
10. Secret Machines - The Road Leads Where It's Led ("Fucking amazing" says Noel)
11. mp3:Yeti - Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder (Death-metal is not my thing, but to each their own... No, seriously this is very sincere and gosh-darn nice. I didn't know Oasis liked music that's this friendly. Yet Noel says this "sounds like all the early Stone Roses B-sides, and I think they are four of the best singers I've ever heard in my life." I've been listening to a fair amount of Stone Roses lately... not sure about that comparison, but I'm intrigued by it)
12. Nic Armstrong and the Thieves - Broken Mouth Blues ("They're pretty special man" Noel doesn't like their haircuts though)
13. mp3:Oasis - My Generation (live) (cover of the Who song. Noel notes that Who drummer Zak Starkey is on their present tour...)


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