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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tracks by Tricky

Following up on my "Memo-to-self" from the other day to post Tricky's "Black Steel"... that track and a bunch of others by/featuring/remixed by Tricky:

mp3:Massive Attack - Five Man Army (feat. Tricky) (from Blue Lines)

mp3:Tricky - Black Steel (feat. Martina) - RapidShare link (a cover of Public Enemy's "Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos", from Maxinquaye. The album was named after his mother, Maxine Quaye, who died when he was four)

(mp3:Tricky - Black Steel (feat. Martina) - YSI link)

mp3:Tricky - Black Coffee (fest. Esthero) (Ella Fitzgerald cover, from Nearly God. The title came from an interviewer who "said 'So how does it feel to be God?', then stopped and went, 'Well, nearly God.'")

mp3:Tricky - Wash My Soul (from Juxtapose)

mp3:Tricky - Five Days (feat. Cyndi Lauper) (from Blowback)

mp3:Tricky - Excess - RapidShare link (with Stephanie McKay and Alanis Morissette, from Blowback)

(mp3:Tricky - Excess - YSI link)

mp3:Tricky - #1 Da Woman - RapidShare link (from Blowback)

(mp3:Tricky - #1 Da Woman - YSI link)

mp3:Tricky - Hollow - RapidShare link (from Vulnerable. Tricky said he chose the album title because "it's my most honest and open record. On this album I've stopped hiding and I'm allowing people to see different sides of the real me.")

(mp3:Tricky - Hollow - YSI link)

mp3:Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit (Tricky remix) (from Verve Remixed)

mp3:garbage - Milk (the Wicked Mix featuring Tricky) - RapidShare link (from VA: Remixed By Tricky, released on different CD-single versions, etc.)

(mp3:garbage - Milk (the Wicked Mix featuring Tricky) - YSI link)

Amazon has a couple more Tricky songs available to download for free, "Crazy Claws" and "Tricky vs. Lynx (Live)".

There's an excellent, thorough discography at Moonpalace, an unofficial Tricky website. That's where I found the info about the origin of the albums' names. There's a lot of info, and it's extremely well-organized. Moon Palace also runs an unofficial Martina website for Tricky's frequent collaborator (that's her lovely voice on "Black Steel").


Blogger brk said...

I have always loved that Garbage "Milk" mix by tricky. Truly stunning!

4:40 PM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Me too, though I love the original as well. :)

9:35 AM  

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