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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Polar Bear: "Fluffy (I Want You)", "Argumentative"

A couple tracks from Polar Bear's Mercury-nominated Held on the Tips of Fingers. "Fluffy (I Want You)" is a very cool tune, combining jazz, electronic, and drum and bass sounds, creating waves of mounting momentum and occasionally cacophonous but mostly nifty effects. "Argumentative" is more traditional, enough so that you can just about picture yourself in a jazz club, sipping a martini and looking ever so elegant. I used to doodle martinis in the margins of my notes in high school. I was very disappointed the first time I tasted one. It really didn't seem like what elegance should taste like in a fair and just world.

MP3: Polar Bear - Fluffy (I Want You)

MP3: Polar Bear - Argumentative


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