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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Massive Attack Announces Best-Of Collection

It's a little early to get excited about Weather Underground, Massive Attack's next new album. While they have laid down the tracks for seven songs for the album, which Robert "3-D" Del Naja describes as having a "gothic soul direction", the group doesn't plan to release it until next February.

This is not to say that Massive Attack is waiting a year to release an album, or even new material. They've announced the March (2006, that is) release of both a compilation album and a new single. As always with these collections, neither a "greatest hits" nor "best of" description will feel accurate to everyone. Although anyone who feels that "Danny the Dog" is one of Massive Attack's greatest songs is certainly entitled to their opinion.

A special edition of Collected will include a bonus dual-disc: a CD with "rare and reworked" songs as well as new recordings. The other side will be a DVD including all of Massive Attack's videos. Interesting gimmick, though people may prefer a separate CD and DVD. That would be more convenient, although not as environmentally-friendly.

Collected will be released (at least in the UK) on March 27. "Live With Me" featuring vocals by Terry Callier comes out there on March 13. The video has been directed by Jonathan Glazer, who directed the film Sexy Beast as well as several videos.

The timeline for these new releases is consistent with recent rumors that Massive Attack will play Coachella in April. The group does intend to tour, including festivals "throughout the summer and autumn" this year but there are no details yet.

The Track Listing For the Deluxe Edition of Collected:

Disc 1:

Safe From Harm (from Blue Lines)
Inertia Creeps (from Mezzanine)
Butterfly Caught
Unfinished Sympathy (from Blue Lines)
Future Proof
Five Man Army
What Your Soul Sings
Live With Me

Disc Two - Side One (A Regular CD):

(*note the slightly tweaked song titles... apparently the new recordings*)

False Flags
Silent Spring
Bullet Boy
Black Melt
Joy Luck Club
Small Time Shoot Em Up
I Against I
I Want You
Danny The Dog (*from the movie of the same name. Weird movie)

Disc Two - Side Two (A DVD with the group's videos):

Unfinished Sympathy
Safe From Harm
Be Thankful For What You've Got
Inertia Creeps
Special Cases (from 100th Window)
Butterfly Caught
Live With Me
Live With Me (Terry Version)


Blogger xolondon said...

i wish shara nelson had not fallen off the planet. i loved her. her first CD is quite worthy..

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