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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Oasis Realize Selling Out Is Profitable, Decide It's OK After All

AT&T is using Oasis' song "All Around The World" to link the TV commercials in "the most aggressive campaign" in AT&T's history.

While "All Around The World" may be mostly "upbeat" and definitely fits the company's stated theme "All Around The World", the ad agency folks will probably want to keep snipping out lines like this as they work on this yearlong campaign:

"Take me away 'cause I just don't want to stay
And the lies you make me say
Are getting deeper every day"

The spots hit the airwaves on New Year's Eve, but only now has word leaked of how lucrative this deal is for Oasis -- it's fetching the group either a million dollars, or a million pounds, apparently.

Oasis' big paycheck might not be raising as many eyebrows if Noel Gallagher was less outspoken. Then again, if Noel Gallagher was less outspoken, how would we recognize him?

In this instance, he's being accused of hypocrisy due to his criticism of Jack White's writing a song for Coca-Cola. At the time, Noel Gallagher said, "Jack White has just done a song for Coca Cola. End of. He ceases to be in the club." (I knew there was a club!)

He added, "He's supposed to be the poster boy for the alternative way of thinking. I'm not having that, that's wrong. Particularly Coca Cola, it is like doing a gig for McDonald's."

Possible differences that make Oasis' deal morally superior to Jack White's deal:

1) AT&T, better than Coke or McDonald's? It's a communications company, after all. Why, they bring people together! They don't give them cavities or empty calories!
2) Also, maybe the boys are getting free phone service for life, I mean, c'mon, how sweet would that be?
3) Oasis sold one of their songs rather than writing one especially for AT&T. Perhaps it's a song they didn't even like at this point.
4) Oasis are not the poster boys for alternative anything so they can be held to a lower standard.
5) After Jack White left the club, man... none of them knew what to think anymore. They all just gave up on that "alternative way of thinking" thing.

The guys -- at least some of them -- will still sometimes play without massive payments. Today, Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer performed some acoustic songs on Dermot O'Leary's Radio 2 show.

Oasis is on tour through the end of March, but you'll probably have to pay to see them.

Oasis - All Around The World (from Be Here Now and AT&T ads)

Lush - Hypocrite (from Ciao! - Best of Lush)


Blogger eddie fury said...

let us not forget oasis got sucessflly sued for their early hit 'shakermaker' ripping off 'i'd lke to buy the world a coke'. which makes noels crit of mr white ring hollow.

10:11 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Hey, right you are. I surely did forget that. Thanks; that's an excellent point!

They had to pay 500,000 Australian dollars evidently. Noel has reason to feel bitter toward Coke. They're not the ones who sued him, but all the same, it might feel like Coke took money from his pocket and threw it at Jack White.

(conveniently forgetting why Oasis had to pay all that money...)

5:31 PM  
Blogger Delores said...

Has Noel mentioned that he's more popular than The Beatles yet? I cannot stand Oasis just because of this arrogant jerk.

9:47 AM  

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