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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Simpsons With Humans

Via Slashdot, news of a video re-enacting the opening segment of The Simpsons with humans. The clip was "filmed over 18 months in Britain" and will be used to promote the latest season of the program. According to an "insider", the actors were cast "not so much for their resemblance" to their cartoon counterparts -- and indeed the lack of similarity is rather noticeable -- "but becuase you can easily identify with them." However, the clip's promotional value might be limited the farther one travels from Britain. I for one don't particularly identify with any of them, not even with "moderate" ease. Also, if the promo was filmed over 18 months, why doesn't the baby grow into a toddler before our eyes? It's because of the nuclear plant, isn't it?

The Simpsons clip can be seen at The Sun Online or at YouTube.


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