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Monday, May 01, 2006

(The) Infadels on Morning Becomes Eclectic Tuesday

British dance-alt-rock group The Infadels will perform live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic Tuesday, May 2nd at 11:15 AM PST. You can also listen to the entire show after it airs, and video and audio of the Infadels' appearance will be available sometime after the show as well.

There's a fair amount of buzz surrounding the band and their album, We Are Not The Infadels. The band does, however, seem to have a hard time deciding whether they are "Infadels" or "The Infadels":

If you haven't heard enough from them to know much about their sound or whether you like it, just play music Mad Libs as follows:

To describe Infadels, for the next couple months, sound enthusiastic and say the following, inserting words from the (1), (2), (3), and (4) lists in the appropriate places:

"Hey, you should check out this __1__, __1__ group, The Infadels. They're kinda __2___ but __3__ and not __4__, y'know?"

1 - dancey, retro, 80s-ish, synth-rock, electric-rock, British, new, blog-endorsed

2 - gloomy, serotonin-challenged, "not all 'happy happy joy joy'"

3 - still fun, not gloomy gloomy, in a chirpy way

4 - She-Wants-Revenge-y

Then, in a couple months, say you loved them the first time you heard them, twenty years ago, and yawn.

(substitute "on an "80s music CD" if you are too young to make that line work)

(The) Infadels Concert Dates:

May 3 - West Hollywood, CA - The Key Club (for musexpo)

May 5 - Holland - Zwolle Festival

May 5 - Groningen, Holland - Groningen Festival

June 3 - Rodez, France - Skabazac Festival

June 4 - Landgraff, Holland - Pinkpop Festival

June 8 - Oxford Street, London - 100 Club

June 11 - Strongbow Tent, Isle Of Wight Festival

June 17 - Barcelona, Spain - Sonar Festival

June 22 - Spain - Santander Festival

June 24 - Belfort, France - Rock Dans Tous Ses Etats

July 1 - Belfort, France - Eurokeennes

July 2 - Denmark - Roskilde Festival

July 6 - Norway - Quart Festival

July 8 - Paris, France - Solidays

July 12 - Amsterdam, Holland - Paradiso

July 13 - Belgium - Dour Festival

July 14 - Grafenhainichen, Germany - Melt Festival

July 15 - Vienna - Nuke Festival

July 21 - Switzerland - Paleo Festival

July 23 - France - Vieilles Charrues

August 4 - Rennes, France - Louvigne Du Desert

August 5 - Cardiff - Big Weekender

August 6 - Dublin, Ireland - Hi-Fi Festival

August 12 - Saalburg, Germany - Sonne, Mond, & Sterne Festival

August 17 - Belgium - Pukkelpop Festival

August 18 - "Somewhere in the UK (it's a secret)" - The Secret Garden Festival

August 26 - Delft, Holland - Westerpop Festival

Infadels - Murder That Sound (from We Are Not The Infadels)


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