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Monday, April 24, 2006


Not that I think Blogger's forthcoming planned outage might somehow wind up lasting a moment longer than its scheduled 45 minutes, but after my extended, unpleasant wrestling session with Blogger last night... a post... just in case.

Maybe Blogger didn't like my attempted "thank you" ramblings because I forgot to thank Blogger. Pretty ungrateful of me, really. Without Blogger, where would I be? Posting somewhere else, sure. But that sarcastic/obvious point aside, I do love Blogger. Thanks Blogger!

So, please, baby, let's not fight anymore.

Sloan - Underwhelmed (from Smeared and A Sides Win (Singles 1992 - 2005) )

A more substantive post later if you-know-who is feeling cooperative... for now, I'm off to discuss my forthcoming wisdom teeth extraction. Eek.


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