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Monday, April 24, 2006

Global Rhythm Collector's CD June 2006

Bought a couple of new-to-me music magazines today. First up: Global Rhythm, which covers "world music, culture and lifestyle". I bought the June 2006 issue, which features The Corrs on the cover, looking slightly disgruntled.

Interviews, reviews, and articles inside (including one about Italian barley coffee).

Every issue includes a free CD...

Global Rhythm Collector's CD June 2006 Track Listing:

1. The Corrs - Peggy Gordon
2. Mamadou And Vanessa - Sen Sen (from Nacama. The married couple's Nacama blends melodies from Mamadou's Mali - specifically Wassalou - with Vanessa's American blues. Upbeat, infectious)
3. Sara Tavares - Balance (from Balance, and that e should be accented... lovely, upbeat, yet a bit mellow)
4. Homayun Sakhi - Kataghani
5. Randy Weston And His African Rhythms Trio - Portrait Of Frank Edward Weston
6. Las Rubias Del Norte - Corazon, Corazon
7. Solas - Pastures Of Plenty (from Reunion: A Decade of Solas. Fiddle-fueled cover of the Woody Guthrie song by an Irish-American group)
8. Anouar Brahem - Halfaouine
9. Kava Kon - Zombie
10. Tengir-Too - Sagynam (I Miss You)
11. Benet - Flora Y Fauna (from Flora Y Fauna. Think lo-fi/bachelor's pad music)


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