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Monday, August 14, 2006

Q CD: Take It Easy: 15 Soft Rock Anthems

The cover story on September's Q is "Guilty Pleasures", and their free CD, Take It Easy, includes "15 Soft Rock Anthems". The Guardian declared the resurguence of soft rock back in March. Way to stay on top of the trends, Q!

Take It Easy: 15 Soft Rock Anthems Track Listing:

1. Sailor - A Glass Of Champagne (Live)
2. Heaven 17 - (Don't Fear) The Reaper (available on Heaven 17: Before/After)
3. Jellyfish - Now She Knows She's Wrong (available on Jellyfish: Best!)
4. Redd Kross - Yesterday Once More
5. Def Leppard - Don't Believe A Word
6. Todd Rundgren - A Dream Goes On Forever
7. The Moody Blues - The Afternoon
8. Electric Light Orchestra - Queen Of The Hours
9. Larrikin Love - A Horse With No Name (America cover, specially recorded for Q)
10. Chris Difford - Up The Junction
11. The Korgis - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
12. James Morrison - It's Too Late (Carole King cover, specially recorded for Q)
13. Clifford T. Ward - Wherewithal (available on Anthology)
14. Psapp - Year Of The Cat (Al Stewart cover, specially recorded for Q)
15. Brian Protheroe - Fly Now


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