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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Duran Duran To Have Own Virtual Island, Gig; Own Day Not Enough

Duran Duran has announced plans to create their own "fantasy, luxury" island within an online game called Second Life. Each of the band members will have an avatar, and the virtual band will live a virtual glamorous Duran life, complete with "media appearances", right alongside the real Duran². So avatars of the hosts of, say, the View, may be forthcoming!

The guys are halfway through recording their next album and surely they and virtual Duran will need to hit the late night circuit to promote it as well, so hopefully there will be an array of wacky late-night-host avatars. If the avatars are merely realistic-looking, they will be boring.

Not only are Duran Duran busy recording an album, "the group will make history in a few weeks with the first, live, concert by a pop avatar band performed by the group's actual members." So mark your calend- actually, no date has yet been announced for the concert. You should still mark your calendar, though, for August 10th is National Duran Duran Appreciation Day, "a day for everyone to enjoy the underrated beauty of 80's rock icon, Duran Duran."

So remember to take some time to enjoy Duran Duran's underrated beauty by joining their latest commercial enterprise and playing Second Life ("All visitors are welcome!"), and/or by singing their songs or buying Duran-related merchandise.

Duran Duran - The Chauffeur (Blue Silver) (available on Duran Duran The Singles 1981 - 1986)

Duran Duran - What Happens Tomorrow (available on Astronaut)

Kylie Minogue & Ben Lee - The Reflex (available on The Songs Of Duran Duran - UnDone)


Blogger Pete2ndBest said...

Thanks for putting up The Chauffeur! That's actually a really good song. I've always had very heavy prejudices towards Duran's music, but songs like this make me see the truth: they have good tunes. :-)

2:08 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Cool; you're welcome! It can be hard to get past a certain... cheese factor. Hair factor. Duranies factor. But, yeah, they do have a lot of good songs (and, sure, some cheesy-but-enjoyable ones :) ... and some bad ones...)

9:50 PM  

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