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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Isobel Campbell Says Mercury Nom. Caused "Slump"

Isobel Campbell tells Scotland on Sunday that the Mercury nomination she received for Ballad of the Broken Seas, her album with Mark Lanegan, left her in a "slump".

"I was trying to work out what it all means and trying not to be swallowed up by meaningless stuff," says Campbell. "I just don't want to lose the meaning of what I do. And the meaning of what I do is not getting mashed at an award ceremony."

Campbell is concerned about the focus being put on her appearance rather than on her music. She feels the pressures of the industry are more intense for women: "Sometimes with male songwriters it's almost like they don't need to try so hard. I remember saying to the lead guitarist last week: 'I wish I had a penis.,'" She says, "Sometimes with female artists you just talk about whether they are pretty. I've not done what I've done for the last 10 years of my life for that."

Campbell's also concerned about losing the money she's made from all her work. She needs a new manager and is anxious not to hire one who will wind up stealing from her.

Bookmakers consider Ballad a longshot to win the Mercury. Campbell says she will "probably" go to the September 5 ceremony, though she says the desire to not be "killed" by her record company factors into the decision. She has barely spoken to Lanegan since the recording of their album.

Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan - Revolver (available on Ballad Of The Broken Seas

Mark Lanegan - Sunrise (available on Whiskey For The Holy Ghost)


Blogger xolondon said...

God what an angsty woman. Maybe she should ponder the fact that she is making a living from her art and is thus in a very small, elite group of people. I will not invite her to any LA tea party I might one day have!

4:51 PM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Not even if she'd just sing a few songs and not stay for Earl Grey and crumpets?

I can understand her being scared of unscrupulous managers and fretting about losing her focus and other people not focusing on her music... I think it would be good if she could find, basically role models, who have found a way to have decent careers while staying true to themselves, and have fun. I do empathize with her depression, and hope some artist(s) who understands what she's going through reaches out to her.

9:42 PM  
Blogger xolondon said...

You are right. She needs a wise mentor! (I am bigh into mentors/mentoring)

4:39 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

A mentor! Exactly -- you are right!

6:09 PM  

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