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Friday, September 22, 2006

Paste Mag/CD October 2006

Colin Meloy strikes an attractive yearbook-style pose on the cover of October's Paste, albeit in the corner. Zach Braff landed the main spot, with an interview timed to the release of his latest movie "The Last Kiss". Moviegoers might not have embraced it so far (leading to lines such as "moviegoers kissed off The Last Kiss"), but that doesn't necessarily mean it sucks. "Office Space" sank at the box office.

Along with interviews with the two men on the cover, this issue of Paste includes an interview with the Killers' Brandon Flowers, short interviews with other artists including Jim Noir, and Paste's recommendations for 24 hours' worth of TV viewing. Some of the suggestions are obvious (like "Lost", which I don't watch, and "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report", which I do.) Some are more obscure. Also included: a long list of readers' favorites.

As usual, the mag also includes a CD chock-full of music.

Paste October 2006 CD Track Listing:

1. Charlotte Martin - Stromata (Edit)
2. The Decemberists - O Valencia!
3. Ben Kweller - I Gotta Move (available on Ben Kweller) Especially in contrast to the Gasoline Heart song (props to Paste), Kweller sounds ready to move... at his own pace. (and even sings "So in the morning I'll hit the highway"). Kweller gets restless in his own, more laid-back way. Great to have new songs from him.
4. Gasoline Heart - Move Along (available on You Know Who You Are) Well-done Pettyesque rock song, rocks at a quicker pace.
5. Mindy Smith - Out Loud
6. Amos Lee - Shout Out Loud
7. Paul Westerberg - Love You In The Fall (available on the Open Season Soundtrack featuring the Songs Of Paul Westerberg) Punk rockers don't grow old, they just go solo, then eventually write songs for animated children's movies. Awwww, how sweet and cuddly, Paul! As punk-rocker-fates go, it's not a bad one, and this is a sweet little rock song, similar to some of his other songs.
8. Sandra McCracken - Long Way Home
9. Hem - Not California (available on Funnel Cloud) Wistful alt-country
10. Brisa Roché - Mystery Man
11. Bobby Bare Jr's Young Criminal Starvation League - Sticky Chemical
12. Sparklehorse - Don't Take My Sunshine Away
13. Tin Cup Prophette - 80 Days
14. Ani DiFranco - 78% H20
15. Bernard Fanning - Wish You Well
16. The Duhks - Heaven's My Name
17. Fret Not - Gloryland
18. Favourite Sons - Down Beside My Beauty
19. Tom Wilson - Talk Of The Town
20. The Be Good Tanyas - Human Thing
21. Ian North - Skates
22. Ane Brun - Song. No. 6 (feat. Ron Sexsmith) (this song was supposed to be included on Sampler #23 but "Rubber & Soul" was mistakenly substituted)


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