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Monday, September 18, 2006

The Sugarcubes Announce Reunion Concert

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of their first single "Birthday", the Sugarcubes plan to reunite for a November 17 concert in Reykjavik. In a press release posted at Björk's website, the group said the announcement was made with "unbound joy" and that "all profit" from the concert would go toward their own label, Smekkleysa SM, which "will continue to work on a non-profit basis for the future betterment of Icelandic music and artists."

According to the Sugarcubes' Wikipedia entry, "Birthday" isn't their first single. Let's just hope this isn't a hoax 20th Anniversary reunion concert when it should in fact be a 22nd Anniversary renuion concert. Either way, this will be the group's first concert since their 1992 breakup.

Ticket sales will be announced soon.

The Sugarcubes - Coldsweat (available on Life's Too Good)

The Sugarcubes - Hit (available on Stick Around For Joy)


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