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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trunk-Or-Treat? Kids Collect Many Treats, Few Trunks

While taking candy from strangers is a well-known danger -- and thus, a particularly delightful aspect of Halloween for many kids, in my day, gathering all that candy from strangers required lots of tiresome exercise walking from house to house.

Why should kids have to work for their candy? They're kids! Also, why is there a Mother's Day and a Father's Day, but no Kids' Day? And don't tell me every day is Kids' Day. That's nonsense. Heard of homework? Chores? Alright then.

At least someone is thinking of the children. "Halloween tailgating" (or, if you prefer, "trunk-or-treating"), merely requires kids to walk around a parking lot seeking candy from vehicle trunks, many of which are decorated for the holiday. With this practice, there's less risk of burning away the calories they'll consume from the candy -- and children are still growing, they might need all those calories.

"Trunk or treat!", however, makes no sense. Is someone going to give them a trunk? I think not. Come on!

A P.T.A. President quoted in today's New York Times article about trunk-or-treating, says parents don't have "to worry about whose house our kid is going to, or if the kid will get hit by a car or get lost in the woods."

She lives in a rural area, and perhaps trunk-or-treating is ideal for such areas, but parental supervision is still key whether you're walking with your kids on a public street or in a parking lot. They don't have to be clad in an invisible pedestrian costume to be at risk. Hopefully, Halloween tailgating, and similar arrangements, set up at least partially for the convenience of parents -- and to set their minds at ease -- do not breed complacency.

Not quite a Halloween song -- it's late to post a Halloween track... this is a weird, and great song that feels suitable for the day:

Shudder To Think Feat. Liz Phair - Erecting A Movie Star (YSI link, available on the soundtrack to First Love, Last Rites)


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