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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Look-alike Videos

Absent a title like "Videos I Dislike", does adding a music video to a YouTube playlist imply you like the video?

What to do with all those pesky videos you dislike that were made for songs you like? An anti-playlist seems a bit cruel. Detailing the faults of such videos in a video log could grow tedious (and not much fun to read).

I wonder if my standards are growing higher, and my attention span shorter, as I watch more and more videos. We're lucky we can see so many older videos now. Why, they're practically antiques. It's hardly fair to judge older videos, or their directors or artists by modern standards.

As time goes by, and all of us age, we're exposed to more of all sorts of entertainment. Any new video (or movie, or what have you) is increasingly likely to remind us of something else we've already seen (or read, or heard).

Watching Danielle Dax's video for "Cat-House", from 1988, without audio (still no speakers; I can listen directly with headphones, but this was for science), another song popped into my head. I opened the video in another tab, and compared them. They aren't identical, but Stacey Q's 1986 "Two of Hearts" video sure looks similar.

This was the late 80s; how easy do we have to go on them for these videos? And why are videos that look like these two still being made?

Danielle Dax - Cat-House (Overnight Mix) (from the 12" "Cat-House" single)


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