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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rock Paper Scissors Champions Battle This Weekend

This weekend in Toronto, fierce battles rage, as rock, paper, and scissors face off in an epic battle for supremacy in the International World RPS Championships. Along with luck, these powerful icons are forced to rely on the brainpower and hand-eye coordination of Joe or Jane Sixpack, as their weapons are, in effect, forged from human flesh, with nary a pixel in sight.

I hope the other games don't mock rock, paper, and scissors at game conventions. I can almost hear their taunts now, echoing down the hallway of a Ramada Inn, "Which is it, Rock Paper Scissors or Roshambo? And Roshambo sounds vaguely like a delicious food rather than a cool game likely to delight teenagers for several generations!" Kids can be so cruel.

Nevertheless, there's real money, albeit real Canadian money, at stake this weekend, with the champion taking home $7,000 Canadian dollars (at the moment, the equivalent of $6,186.75 U.S. dollars, £3,235.92 in the U.K., 727,561.98 Yen in Japan, or 4,811.22 Euros in... Euroland, is it? Euro Disney? Euro Disney, I think) The second prize winner gets $1,500 Canadian bucks and the opportunity to forever play back in their mind that one last move that cost them glory and $5,500 Canadian dollars. The third prize winner gets $500, which ought to just about cover the poutine they and their travel companion ate during the trip.

Today, Rosemary Harper of St. Catharines in Ontario bested 63 also-rans to win the world RPS street competition. Along with $1,000 Canuck bucks, she earned the chance to compete in the world RPS championships alongside RPS champions, some of whom may be wearing Mexican wrestling masks, dressed from head-to-toe in tinfoil, or wearing some other form of disguise or wacky get-up.

May the best eccentric win. It will probably be the one who best remembers that everyone "Everybody expects you to choose 'rock'."

This World RPS Society promotional video provides a taste of the championship:

(MP3s are all SendSpace links... feedback on file hosting options is welcome as long as EZArchive is not suggested...)

Architecture in Helsinki - Scissor Paper Rock (available on Fingers Crossed. No typo on the song title, really. Ani DiFranco has a song called "Rock Paper Scissors" with pretty vocals and good lyrics but I find it too discordant)

Ella Fitzgerald - Rock It For Me (available on Essential Ella Fitzgerald: The Definitive Collection 1936-1953. Twisted Sister is too obvious, and the same goes for "We Will Rock You". I can't find my copy of Flood, or I would have gone for "Everybody Wants A Rock".)

Talking Heads - Paper (available on Fear of Music)

City and Colour - Save Your Scissors (available on Sometimes)

Alan Parsons Project - Games People Play (available on Anthology)

Petula Clark - Games People Play (available on The Pye Anthology)


Blogger Wrecker said...

This is my favorite Rock Scossors paper-themed song:

10:13 PM  
Blogger drewcif said...

fileden.com seriously. Totally free, easier to use than even old EZarchive and 1gb of storage.

2:57 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Thanks guys, will check out both links tomorrow. I was too exhausted to process something new tonight, but that sounds great, Drew. I appreciate the info.

12:15 AM  

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